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Working in the Masterful Plan, only drawn the loteos with availability, the sold rest or it is property of South Island.


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[titleborder color=»green» title=»Aerial plane of South Island»]


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[titleborder color=»green» title=»Parcels located in Isla Cailín in Chiloé»]
[accordion position=»first» title=»PARCELS AVAILABLE» color=»red» content=»5,000 parcels of TM in different locations, from the beach, to 100 TM. of the border raising by the slope going into in a native forest with spectacular views.
Only placed in the Masterful Plan loteos with present availability. Sold rest or property of South Island.»]
[accordion title=»PAYMENT OPTIONS» color=»green» content=»Direct credit up to 12 months. Other modes of payment can be evaluated.»]
[accordion position=»last»]


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